The Story of Lumos Calligraphy

Hello, I’m Alicia the creative behind Lumos Calligraphy. I am a calligrapher, watercolor artist and graphic designer. I am also a wedding photographer and owner of Alicia Ann Photographie, so you could say I’m very invested in the wedding business seeing it from a few different angles!

What’s in a name?

The question I have been getting asked a lot is how did I come up with the name Lumos Calligraphy and how I got into it. So here is that story!

I was always interested in art and calligraphy. When I was a kid my mom actually bought me my first calligraphy kit at one of those science stores called The Travelers Writing Chest. It came with an assortment of nibs, pens and inks and even a wax seal. I played with it a little as a kid then forgot about it to do “cooler” things.

When I went to college for graphic design I found myself drawn to script typefaces (even though my instructors said never to use them and they were “bad” which I disagree) and ended up doing some hand drawn type for logos and package designs.

After graduation I worked for several companies, including large corporations as a graphic designer and was unhappy working in corporate, especially as just a contractor where my creativity was stifled and my illustration talents were discouraged. An office environment to me is also very distracting and I work much better independently at home. I got laid off and ended up spending a lot of time focusing on my photography business and participating in styled shoots. In college I was told I “couldn’t” be a designer and photographer, so of course I needed to be both even more! I always felt drawn to invitations, and loved hand lettered details of the wedding day, so I started taking some online calligraphy classes and practicing. After doing my first styled shoot contribution as both a designer and photographer I decided to offer both services to my clients. Invitations allow me to use watercolor and illustrative aspects along with typography and design, which makes my heart sing. It’s exactly what I wanted to do as a designer! Calligraphy by hand including place cards, envelope addressing, wax seals and hand designed art and calligraphy are all included in my offerings.

To the part of the name! There are two parts to the name, one is that in the past when documents were designed by hand it was called Illuminating. Since calligraphy is a huge part of my services a spark went off. I also absolutely LOVE Harry Potter (come on, who doesn’t!) and the light (illuminating!) spell is Lumos!

There you have it, the story of my calligraphy journey!

Oh, and you can do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you love and dream of and don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise!